AIMS Retreat Tweeters and Bloggers (Your Immediate PLN)
Download the document below to obtain suggestions for bloggers and tweeters to follow from your AIMS colleagues.


Connecting During the AIMS Retreat:
TodaysMeet: AIMSTech11
Twitter: #AIMSTech11
Discussion Forums: ISED Ning: AIMS Technology Retreat 2011 (group)
Recommended Blogs (Keynote/Workshop):

Your AIMS PLN (Bloggers):
The Flying Trapeze (Renee Hawkins's blog, with Susan Davis)
EdTech Solutions (Karen Janowski's blog)
The Learning Curve (Chris Shrivers's blog) (Ms. Cheston's blog) (Ms. Cheston's blog) (Marti Weston's blog) (Marti Weston's blog)

Non-Education Blogs (Your PLN):
Gluten-Free Baking (David Rossell's blog)
Audio-didact (Larry Kahn's blog)

Recommended Tweeters (Your AIMS PLN)
@ccshriver, @mshankins, @rhawk, @craiglluntz, @martiweston, @emilyletras, @jsvoorhees, @seamgreen, @schatter93, @yogipalo, @pilarw, @MrFichter, @stevhren, @evelynnovins, @lynn_byank, @caren_cranston, @moserpdc, @jeannephiz,

Also FOLLOW this "List" on Twitter:!/list/suludavis/aimstech11