Independent School Educators Network Group: AIMS Technology Retreat 2011
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Session Descriptions

1. Keynote: (SUNDAY 6-8 pm)

Who’s My Teacher? PLNs and the Future of Learning
As we become the artisans of our own learning, what are the tools that we call upon to solve every-day problems and pose new questions for the future? Who are the masters who teach us best how to use the tools we need? How do we learn our craft from one another? Professional/personal learning networks give us access the tools and the master-craftsmen/women we need to learn from as educators. They also provide a "space" for sharing stories, critiquing our work together, and demonstrating how to handle the nuances of our work as educators. Larry and Susan will describe their experiences developing their own PLNs, discuss issues of access and pushback, and suggest ways to incorporate PLNs as professional development and as ways to build communities of practice as we become the designers of our own learning in the 21st century. If we can learn from the masters as well as our colleagues in the field, and if our tools consist of the people we surround ourselves with physically as well as in cyberspace, then why are we still limiting our own professional growth to what happens within the walls of our own institutions?

2. Breakout SESSION #2 (MONDAY, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.)
2A Learning With and From Your PLN: A Follow-up Discussion
Why are we still learning within four walls? Access issues? Pushback? What do you do if you believe in PLNs but your school has them blocked? How can we involve parents and administrators in the discussion of how and when PLNs may be beneficial? What is your investment in personal growth and community growth?
We will have a roundtable discussion using the questions that were posed during the keynote. Additional questions will be taken from attendees. Keynotes Larry Kahn and Susan Davis will lead the discussion.

Wesch: Information is No Longer Scarce -- so what is the impact of this change on how we learn as teachers?

What does that mean for us as educators and as learners?

How can we convince our colleagues to network?

What if our schools don't allow access to these tools?

How can we leverage our PLNs to enhance learning in our classrooms?

How have you had your students leverage the technology in their pockets to learn?

3. Hands-On Session (MONDAY 1:30-3:00 pm)
4F Getting Your Feet Wet: Moving Your PLN from the Faculty Room to the World
Most teachers have Personal and Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) of some kind. What is your PLN? How can you broaden the scope of your PLN? In this workshop, we will invite attendees to digitize their PLNs and to experience how it can grow internationally and exponentially. Keynotes Larry Kahn and Susan Davis will lead the session.

4. Wrap-Up Session (TUESDAY, 10:45-11:45)
Wrap Up Session: Putting It All Together
In this session the keynote speakers Larry Kahn and Susan Davis will reflect upon connections made at the AIMS Technology retreat and explore ways to develop and sustain those connections going forward. They will discuss the importance of incorporating PLNs into your professional practice as well as sharing the power of learning through PLNs with colleagues, administrators, parents, and students. WE are the tools that can make 21st century learning happen.