Social Networks as Learning Networks

Presented for the Association of Independent Maryland Schools
Garrison Forest School, October 8-9, 2009

Garrison Forest Faculty Preview: Our PLN Journies
(Oct. 8, 2009)

Larry Kahn:
Social Networking: The Impact on Teachers

Susan Davis
Social Networking: Impact on Students

Classroom Applications

General Instructions for Getting Started:
1. Set up your account. Log in.
2. Edit your profile... (Add a picture.)
3..Build your network...
Look for friends, colleagues, former students, etc.
Make connections with others in this workshop.
Susan (susanlucilledavis or Susan Lucille Davis on most)
Larry (Larry Kahn or larry.kahn on most)
Your neighbor
4. Join groups, become fans...
5. Share links, photos, videos, music...
6. Add applications...
7. Add content... (status updates, blogs, forums...)
8. Comment on others' content...


Choose privacy settings.
Resource: Teachers Guide to Using Facebook

Classroom 2.0(Ning):

Set up Ning Account
Join Classroom 2.0
Introduce yourself to the community


Choose privacy settings.
Are former students your classmates or your colleagues?


danah boyd: Living and Learning with Social Media
danah boyd videoexternal image pixel-vfl73.gif
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Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson): The Obama Speech
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Teachers' Guide to Using Facebook
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The Facebook Classroom: 25 Facebook Apps that Are Perfect for Online Education
Nexus Friend Grapher
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Many thanks to Renee Hawkins of Garrison Forest Schoolfor her help in preparing this workshop.