Workshops and Presentations:

PLP Live!

"Inspire and Collaborate" Session

Susan Lucille Davis, Lyn Hilt, Larry Kahn, and Lisa Neale

Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 28, 2012

**Learning Out Loud: How Education Leaders Can Model Blogging, Sharing, and Learning in a Community of Learners**

Susan Lucille Davis and Renee Hawkins

**ERB Annual Conference: "Journey to Academic Excellence"**

New York City, October 20, 2011
Once teachers or administrators start the process of reflecting, commenting, and contributing to a larger learning community, they demonstrate a transparency in learning not always found in educational institutions. As models of writing that transparently questions and processes problems, we can demonstrate to others -- students and faculty alike -- the value of sharing and interacting within a network of learners who learn out loud.

AIMS Technology Retreat 2011

Larry Kahn and Susan Lucille Davis, Keynotes

Disrupt the Old Discourse: Leveraging a Faculty's Personal Learning Communities
2011 NAIS Annual Conference, Washington, DC
Friday, February 25 (11:30-12:30)
Larry Kahn, Chris Bigenho, and Susan Lucille Davis
Research shows that interest in collaborating in Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) is on the rise. Take home concrete ideas that can help you disrupt the usual discourse about education by collaborating online with experts and thinkers in your field. This introduction will continue online through the NAIS AC Online Community after the conference.

Social Networks as Learning Networks

Garrison Forest School, October 2009

Association of Independent Maryland Schools

Susan Lucille Davis and Larry Kahn

We are all aware of the way social networks have been embraced by our students for developing relationships and for providing entertainment. On the job, professionals are building similar networks for business purposes. But, if you think about it, social networks are merely a place for friends or professionals to gather together online. How then can we use this type of environment as a gathering place for learning? Participants in this workshop will first join a social network and pursue relationships with others based on their personal interests and connections. They will then draw on their experience with social networks to create lessons that employ similar tools as a means for learning in their courses. Discussion of practical concerns as well ethical considerations will be encouraged as educators reflect on the impact social networks can have on their teaching.